Aconcagua, Photographs – February 2015

I successfully climbed Aconcagua solo via the Normal Route from February 1st through February 14th, 2015, reaching the summit on February 11th.  Below are my photographs from the trip organized by date.


January 28th-31st

The hotel at Penitentes, ~2550m, and acclimatization day hikes on the 30th and 31st.

February 1st

Entering the national park and hiking to 3390m Confluencia.

February 2nd

Hiking from 3390m Confluencia to 4300m Plaza de Mulas basecamp.

February 3rd

Day hiking 5004m Cerro Bonete from Plaza de Mulas.

February 4th – 5th

February 4th was my first gear carry and cache to 4950m Camp Canada.  On February 5th I made a full move to Camp Canada.

February 6th – 8th

February 6th was my first gear carry and cache from 4950m Camp Canada to 5450m Nido de Condores.  On February 7th I made a second carry.  On February 8th I made a full move to Nido de Condores.

February 9th – 10th

Acclimatization hike to 5900m Camp Berlin on February 9th, and to 6000m White Rocks / Camp Colera on February 10th.

February 11th

Climbed to the 6962m summit of Aconcagua from 5450m Nido de Condores taking 8.5 hours, 3 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Descended to 4300m Plaza de Mulas to rest.

February 12th – 14th

On February 12th I reascended from 4300m Plaza de Mulas to 5450m Nido de Condores.  On the 15th I packed up camp and descended to Plaza de Mulas.  On the 14th I descended to the park gate and returned to Penitentes.