My name is Ian.  I enjoy mountaineering and climbing for the challenges they present, wherein the only true opponent and barrier to success is one’s self. I hike both for the self-actualization realized upon reaching a summit after planning, training, and dreaming, and for the profound beauty which can be found above the world’s cloud oceans.



May 2021: Eggplant Mountain/茄子山, ~2200m, China, Blue Glacier/蓝冰川, 520m/5.12a/A0

February 2021: Tianhaizi/田海子山, 6170m, China, winter attempt to ~5400m

January 2020: Imja Tse (Island Peak), 6183m, Nepal, winter

July 2019: Noshaq, 7492m, Afghanistan, attempt to ~7100m

August 2018: Pik Korzhenevskaya, 7105m, Tajikistan

July 2018: Pik Chetyreh, 6230m, Tajikistan

February 2018: Stok Kangri, 6153m, India, winter attempt to ~5500m

August 2017: Alpamayo, 5947m, Peru
August 2017: Pik Lenin, 7134m, Kyrgyzstan, solo ~5300m to summit

July 2017: Mount Shuksan, 2783m, United States of America, Fisher Chimneys into Southeast Rib

February 2017: Ojos del Salado, 6893m, Argentina, solo attempt to ~6400m

July 2016: Pik Lenin, 7134m, Kyrgyzstan, attempt to ~6400m
July 2016: Mount Elbrus, 5642m, Russia, solo

February 2016: Camel Peak West/骆驼峰西峰, 5484m, China, winter solo
February 2016: Mount Kinabalu, 4096m, Malaysia

July 2015: Ishinca, 5530m, Peru
July 2015: Tocllaraju, 5980m, Peru
July 2015: Chopicalqui, 6345m, Peru, attempt to ~5700m
July 2015: Pisco, 5752m, Peru
July 2015: Yanapaccha, 5460m, Peru

February 2015: Aconcagua, 6962m, Argentina, solo

August 2014: Piramide Blanca, 5230m, Bolivia
August 2014: Pequeno Alpamayo, 5370m, Bolivia
August 2014: Huayna Potosi, 6088m, Bolivia
August 2014: Illimani, 6438m, Bolivia

January 2014: Illiniza Norte, 5126m, Ecuador
January 2014: Illiniza Sur, 5263m, Ecuador
January 2014: Cayambe, 5790m, Ecuador
January 2014: Cotopaxi, 5897m, Ecuador
January 2014: Chimborazo, 6270m, Ecuador

June 2013: Mount Shasta, 4322m, United States of America
June 2013: Mount Rainier, 4392m, United States of America, Emmons Glacier

December 2012: Iztaccihuatl, 5230m, Mexico
December 2012: Pico de Orizaba, 5636m, Mexico, solo

August 2012: Mount Meru, 4562m, Tanzania
August 2012: Kilimanjaro, 5895m, Tanzania, no porters/support

January 2011 – August 2012: 30+ ~3000m trekking peaks, Taiwan.