Orizaba ThumbZhongyangjian Shan – 中央尖山 – August 2012
Three days of hiking deep into Taiwan’s central mountains to 3705m Zhongyangjian Shan, one of Taiwan’s remotest and most visually awe-inspiring mountains.

Orizaba ThumbSnow Mountain North Peak – 雪山北峰 – July 2012
Two days spent hiking the north ridge of Snow Mountain, Taiwan’s second highest at 3886m. A rough camp on top of the ridge, terrific views, tremendous cliff faces, and exciting terrain.

Orizaba ThumbChilai Shan – 奇萊山 – May 2012
Famous for accidents and foul weather, ‘black’ Chilai Shan is one of Taiwan’s most beautiful mountains. A two day hike in perfect weather across the main Chilai ridge, from the steep and imposing 3607m North Peak to the aesthetically positioned 3560m Main Peak.

Orizaba ThumbWuling Sixiu Mountains – 武陵四秀 – May 2012
The incredibly scenic Wuling Sixiu mountains are a series of four 3000m+ mountains east of Snow Mountain. A three day trip with great views of the surrounding mountain ridges, and fantastic hiking terrain.

Orizaba ThumbNorth / West Hehuan Shan – 合歡山 – April/May 2012
One night of camping and one day of hiking on Hehuan Shan’s North/West 3000m+ ridgeline. Pastoral alpine meadows, rhododendron flowers, and fantastic views.

Orizaba ThumbJade Mountain Seven Peaks – 玉山七峰 – April 2012
3952m Jade Mountain is Taiwan’s highest. An ambitious three day journey up the Main Peak of Jade, along with six other nearby 3000m+ mountains.

Orizaba ThumbBeidawu Shan – 北大武山 – March 2012
Taiwan’s southernmost 3000m+ mountain, Beidawu Shan is famous as one of Taiwan’s five sacred mountains. Two days of hiking with great views of the ‘cloud ocean’, interesting history, and a highly enjoyable trail.

Orizaba ThumbNanhuda Shan – 南湖大山 – February 2012
A four day trip up remote 3742m Nanhuda Shan in terrible weather. Constant rain, sleet, and fog obscured the views, but Nanhuda Shan still offered up some very enjoyable hiking terrain.

Orizaba ThumbSnow Mountain Main Peak – 雪山主峰 – January 2012
Across snowfields, into an ancient forest, and up through a unique glacial cirque. Three days hiking up Taiwan’s 3886m second highest in the middle of winter. Snow, winter weather, and wonderful scenery.

Orizaba ThumbJade Mountain Main Peak – 玉山主峰 – December 2011
Along a steep cliff face and through a deep mountain valley, inclement weather near the top didn’t prevent this from being an enjoyable climb. A two day trip to the 3952m Main Peak of Jade Mountain, Taiwan’s highest.

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