AlpamayoThumbAlpamayo – August 2017
5947m Alpamayo is one of Peru’s most famous and popular climbs. A perfect snow pyramid when viewed from the north, an imposing fin of ice from the southwest, Alpamayo is considered by many to be the most beautiful mountain in the world.

TocllarajuThumbTocllaraju – July 2015
6032m Tocllaraju is one of several sharp, stunning ice pyramids which pierce the skyline of Peru’s Cordillera Blanca. Tocclaraju presented a technical, aesthetic, physically challenging, and very rewarding climb.

YanapacchaThumbYanapaccha – July 2015
5460m Yanapaccha is one of Peru’s lesser known mountains, likely due to it’s relatively low altitude and greater difficulty when compared to nearby Pisco. Despite this, Yanapaccha offers a highly accessible yet technical climb with incredible summit views of surrounding peaks and valleys.

PiscoThumbPisco – July 2015
5752m Pisco West is one of Peru’s most popular climbs on account of its ease of access and low technical grade. Despite being an easy climb Pisco offers one of Peru’s most beautiful summit panoramas due to its central location within the Cordillera Blanca.

IshincaThumbIshinca – July 2015
5530m Ishinca is an accessible trekking peak located nearby Tocllaraju in the Ishinca Valley. Ishinca’s simple access and gentle slopes make it a perfect acclimation peak.