United States of America

Orizaba ThumbMount Rainier – June 2013
Washington state’s 4392m Mount Rainier is the most glaciated and most prominent mountain in the lower United States and the highest of the Cascade Range.  I climbed Rainier via the Emmons-Winthrop route, guided by IMG.

Orizaba ThumbMount Shasta – June 2013
Standing alone in northern California, 4322m Mount Shasta is the state’s fifth highest mountain and second highest of the Cascade Range. I climbed Mount Shasta by the standard Avalanche Gulch route, using a high camp at Helen Lake.

Orizaba ThumbMount Goode – June 2013
Hiking and camping with perfect weather in California’s beautiful Sierra Nevada. A scenic hiking route beneath granite peaks and past high mountain lakes to the top of 3988m Mount Goode.