United States of America

ShuksanThumbMount Shuksan – July 2017
2783m Mount Shuksan stands in Washington State near the Canadian border, across from the larger, iconic volcanic cone of Mount Baker. We made an ascent of Shuksan through the Fisher Chimneys, finishing via the Southeast Rib of the summit pyramid.

Orizaba ThumbMount Rainier – June 2013
Washington state’s 4392m Mount Rainier is the most glaciated and most prominent mountain in the lower United States and the highest of the Cascade Range.  I climbed Rainier via the Emmons-Winthrop route, guided by IMG.

Orizaba ThumbMount Shasta – June 2013
Standing alone in northern California, 4322m Mount Shasta is the state’s fifth highest mountain and second highest of the Cascade Range. I climbed Mount Shasta by the standard Avalanche Gulch route, using a high camp at Helen Lake.

Orizaba ThumbMount Goode – June 2013
Hiking and camping with perfect weather in California’s beautiful Sierra Nevada. A scenic hiking route beneath granite peaks and past high mountain lakes to the top of 3988m Mount Goode.